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Terrance and Taneisha : Elegance and Faith

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Terrance and Taniesha have build a mountain of love into unreachable heights. Their July ceremony of dedication exposed the altitude of their soul and commitment. Faith, Family, and Foundation were evident on this sun-kissed southern summer day. Terrance and Taneisha Upperman’s ceremony was a bubble of pure agapè.

Taneisha and her bride babes turned heads with their stunning makeup and gowns while Terrance and his dapper fellas were sharp as a tack. Umbrellas twirled and fans swung as guests arrived. The bride and groom wrote the dearest sweet letters to each other. They read them privately before meeting once again at the altar. Their words brought grand grins as they read each word.

All photos taken by Monifa of

The wedding took place outdoor at The Founders Hall of Charles Town Landing in Charleston, SC. The sun was beaming and the love was radiating. The wedding party was decked out in navy and pastels. The green scape was the perfect backdrop for this divine journey to commence. Verses from 1 Corinthians graced the aisles reminding the guest and couple of the true essence of love. The vision of love was presented with faith and grace.

Taneisha floated down the aisle as their daughters serenaded them. The couple’s foundation of Faith stood strong as two pastors officiated their vows. They tied the threefold cord to represent God's presence in their marriage and partnership. Before it was sealed with a kiss, Taneshia sang a love song of commitment to Terrance featuring their daughters as her background singers. Emotions surged amongst the guests and wedding party. Most of all - Terrance’s eyes. There may not have been a dry eye in sight. The passion and exhilaration were gleaming right the moment Taneisha’s strong vocals belted “I’ll be committed to you”. Taneisha let us in on an intimate moment with her lover, partner, and friend.

The outdoor scenery sprinkled into the reception with fresh green centerpieces, champagne pink, gold sparkle, and charm. Elegant cakes, cupcakes and a custom cake with an ode to New York adorn the dessert table. Family. Faith. Brotherhood. Grace. Joy. So many adjectives to describe this joyous occasion. The couple’s contagious grins could melt an ice cube. The high energy reception was overflowing with a full dance floor. It is always a great time seeing everyone come together for such a fabulous event.

To seal the depth of their soul-bearing love was a private message from their children. The message speaks volumes of the strength of their newly blended family. The genuine love engulfs the room we Terrance and Taneisha walk in. A wedding so significant had to be captured on film to feel the soulful love this couple ignites.

May their divine journey be filled with love and joy!

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Highlight Film of Terrance and Taneisha’s Journey to the Altar!

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