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8 Tips for a Top-Notch Wedding Film

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Photos are worth a thousand words - videos can actually speak them. Having a videographer at your wedding is fundamental for capturing moments in-depth. Film can grasp the twinkle in the flower girl’s eyes, the tracks of the tears on the mother of the groom. Won't you prefer to relive the epic father-daughter dance live in color? Front Row Films co wants to help you make the right choices for your wedding film! Here are some helpful hints to secure a phenomenal video.

Sideline the Photomontage

A Photomontage can be time-consuming for your guest to watch a lengthy photo slideshow of you and your love transition from infants to adults. If possible, save the time travel journey for the rehearsal dinner or link it to the wedding website. This is a time for new memories.

Always Request A Digital File

The ripe memories can all be preserved to a flash drive to be downloaded and shared however you like. Front Row Films co delivers all films on a mahogany flash drive in addition to the highlight film online. Links and files are easy to share with all your loved ones.

Seize the Ceremony

Capture the ceremony in its entirety. You will love to see guests arriving, feel the love in the room and hear those sweet words of dedication. Every second births moments that the couple may miss amongst the hustle of the ceremony. Our Silver and Gold Packages include a highlight film along with the full ceremony. We ensure elite quality audio, the bride, groom, minister, and anyone singing or reading are equipped with microphones. It's our job to catch frames and details that you would've never noticed in your moment of glee.

Remix Guest Interviews

You are surrounded by admiration and everyone possesses something to say to the couple. Often times it ends up being the same redundant message amongst all guests, “Congratulations, We love you and are so happy for you.” If you choose to have video messages, consider having a video guest book! It will give the guest privacy to leave fulfilling personal messages. To shuffle the deck, it would be fun to have guests choose a question to answer about the fascinating couple or marriage.

Capture The Reception

Tasty food, great music and a room full of affection will blossom a million memories. We want to catch them ALL! The reception breathes the celebration of love! Our top tier Gold package includes the highlight film, full ceremony, and full reception that will cover all first dances, all speeches, cake cut, and flower/garter Toss. You probably won't catch sight of your niece admiring the cupcakes a little too hard - until you watch your full video. You will be pulled in a million directions so the day may become a blur of love. We are capturing all the moments for you while you live in your moment.

Always Have A Highlight Reel

The laughs and the tears change by the second and we are proud to share every emotion. Highlight Reels are 5- to 10-minute movies that include the highlights of the day. Viewer friendly clips are strategically placed to whisk the viewer on a journey of your big day. Great for sharing while you can keep the longer sentimental films for yourself. Every single one of our packages includes a Highlight Film. We pack each Highlight Film was fabulous drone footage that captures the elements of your wedding day. It transports the viewer straight to your ceremony.

Skip the Raw Footage

Front Row Films co invests in delivering a top-notch film. We use our best clips in all of our videos. Raw Footage is shaky cam and terrible audio

We produce an exquisite product with great audio detail and the visual to match. It’s been said that asking a videographer for the raw footage is like asking a craftsman for the sawdust after building a table for you. Let the dust settle!

A Second Shooter is Essential

All those emotions from various people we spoke on earlier can best be found when including a second shooter. Eyes on the groom AND the bride as they lay eyes on each other. More angles for more moments. As a husband and wife team, this is a great opportunity to cover the groom and bride preparations at the same time as well! We have packages that vary from capturing every moment to producing a highlight overview of a memorable day.

Click here to view our available packages for your ceremony. Your wedding day is monumental. We want to provide you with a film that will take you back time and time again.

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