Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Required To Reserve My Wedding Date?

Only a signed contract and $300 deposit saves your date! The rest can be broken up into payments with the total due two weeks before the wedding date. I use Honeybook it is a workflow service where you can sign the contract, make payments and schedule payments. It is wonderful!

How Long Before I Receive My Wedding Film?

I do my best to return wedding films up to 8 weeks from the wedding date. Unforeseeable instances may effect that date.

How Long Have I Been Doing This?

Though I started shooting wedding films professionally in 2016 my love for editing videos started in 2014 and I have edited over 800 videos.

How Long Is The Wedding Film

The length of the wedding film is determined by the package you decide to go with. Also, if there is something I capture that is just too special not to use I will create an entirely different video using that footage.

I Am Not A Natrural On Camera, Is That A Problem?

Not at all! Most of my couples do not even know they are being filmed. For couple shots I have some great technique that will help you feel completely relaxed.

Who Is Your Second Shooter?

My wife Kalyn and I shoot together mostly. Brides LOVE her and like that there is a woman in the room with them. If she is not available ble I have Rhodes and Susannah that can shoot with me. Or Rhodes and Susannah can film your wedding, they do amazing work!

Do You Have Backup Equiptment?

YES! I have multiple camera bodies, lenses, SD cards, and more. I keep two batteries on the charger at all times.

Why Hire You?

I am going to be honest with you. There are many people out there who create wedding films. They do a great work. My wife and I believe we are different. We strive to create relationships with you and capture the real moments, the true love, joy, and the fun you have on your wedding day. We strive to be easy to work with and as you might have seen from my reviews, our brides and I have great relationships. We have been filming our lives and putting it on YouTube for a long time. We have documented so many wonderful moments for ourselves but the two most important moments in our life was our wedding day and the day our girls were born. I have a wonderful video of the day our girls were born and LOVE IT! I do not have a wedding film and it is the biggest regret of my wedding day. I promise, you will not regret having a beautiful wedding film.

I Have More Questions

Please contact us using our contact tab on the website. We will be back in touch with you right away!

Are Taxes Included?

Yes! The prices you see on my website are the final price unless you add something to it, or have a travel fee.

Do I get Raw Footage?

Whenever I get this question, I always ask my client if they have ever gone through raw footage before, and I have yet to talk to someone who has. A common misconception is that people think raw footage is a bunch of fun moments to look back through, just longer versions of them… truth is it’s not the kind of thing you can just sit back and watch. When you ask a video producer for raw footage, it’s like asking the carpenter who made you a chair for the wood scraps or a chef to give you uncooked ingredients, or even a hairstylest for the hair that fell to the floor. A ton of effort goes into creating a certain style and quality that the creator is known for in any trade. It would be unfair to have unfinished products circling around the public with their name on it, not giving them justice to what they actually produce. There are wedding filmmakers that do offer raw footage, probably because it is so often requested. I would definitely advise asking a few questions before making an investment that you don’t actually want. I promise I don't hold any of the good shots back from you. Please watch this video below to see what Raw Footage actually looks like.

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